How You Can Help

You can help us help local homeless people by donating product or funds.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Here’s what we accept:

  • Pads, any and all sizes
    • Unscented– sometimes scented pads can be irritating
  • Tampons, any and all sizes
  • Panty liners

— OR —

    • Cash donations
    • Shop AmazonSmile
    • Volunteer time to transport donations

If you prefer to send a check via mail, please address the check to “Feminaid” and send to Feminaid, 4111 East Madison Street, Suite #68, Seattle, Washington 98112.

You can also help by starting a product drive in your neighborhood or at your school. Ask people you know to bring product donations and mail these in one shipment to us to distribute. Every donation makes a difference, large or small.

If you are a student (of any age), please encourage your school or university to provide feminine hygiene products for free. Every individual should feel financially prepared to menstruate, and this applies in educational spaces especially. Advocate for unlocking those dispensers in the bathrooms!

Write letters to your Washington State Legislators advocating for menstraution rights.

Combat biased language. Use phrases like “people who menstruate,” “people without homes,” and “menstrual necessities,” instead of “women,” “the homeless,” and “feminine hygiene products.” See this story for more info:

Finally, you can help by spreading the word! The people you are helping are suffering silently—speak up for them. Tell your family, friends, colleagues, neighborhood, anybody about our cause. The more we can get people talking, the more we can help.

Thank you to the Winderemere Foundation and Medtronic for their generous donations.